Courses Offered

 Firearm Safety Courses Offered

Group Safety Classes – If your group or organization would like to hold a firearm safety class. I am available to travel to your facility or I can host a class. These classes will be classroom only, no live fire. I will not travel to private residents for classes.


Orientation – A 3 1/2 hour course for Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun. This course covers  revolver and semi-automatic handguns, or one type of rifle/shotgun action, (bolt, lever, pump etc.). What you will learn is Safety and safe handling of firearms, Gun Parts and how they work, Ammunition Fundamentals, Loading and Unloading, Sight Alignment and Trigger Control, Cleaning and Storage. There is live fire from the bench rest position with handgun and rifle in this course, and from the standing position with shotgun. If you do not own a handgun yet, you can use mine to help you decide what to buy. I do charge for the ammo and use of the handguns and I try to keep the cost minimal.


Private Lessons are Available


Coaching Sessions, are also available for those who are already gun safe and want to improve their marksmanship skills.

Firearm Safety – A 4 hour course that covers how to handle firearms safely. Identifying, loading and unloading of different types of firearms, cleaning and proper storage. There is no live fire with this class.

Personal Protection in the Home – An 8 or more hour course that covers Defensive handgun skills, Firearms and the law, Strategies for home safety, mental preparation and selecting a handgun for self defense. This course was designed for people who have experience shooting or hold a NRA First Steps or Basic Pistol certificate. You will be shooting approximately 100 rounds of ammo from different positions, so you need to have gun safety skills before you take this course.