Courses Offered

 Firearm Safety Courses Offered


Pistol Orientation – Is the most requested course from new and soon to be new gun owners. For this reason I cover both revolver and semi-automatic handguns. This is important for someone who don’t own a gun and is unsure of what to buy. I offer non gun owners taking the course the opportunity to shoot both types of handguns to help them make a proper choice when buying. There is an additional fee for the use of the gun and ammo shot.


Rifle or Shotgun Orientation – Is about 3 hours long and will cover the different actions of rifles or shotguns. However we will focus on one action type. What you will learn is Safety and safe handling of firearms, Gun Parts and how they work, Ammunition Fundamentals, Loading and Unloading, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Trigger Control, Cleaning and Storage. There is live fire from the bench rest position with rifle and from the standing position with shotgun.


Private Lessons are Available


Coaching Sessions, are also available for those who are already gun safe and want to improve their marksmanship skills.


Home Firearm Safety – Is a course that covers how to handle firearms safely in the home. Identifying, loading and unloading of different types of firearms, cleaning and proper storage. There is no live fire with this class.